Wendy has endured times of devastating loss, disappointment and crisis. She understands how overwhelming life can be. As a struggling single mom, 90 days from losing her home she hit rock bottom, after a bitter divorce, tragic car accident, massive personal, and financial losses, including self-sabatoge, and two open heart surgeries. Wendy was forced to reevaluate and re-boot her body, mind and spirit. Wendy turned things around, to become an extraordinary entrepreneur and has dedicated her life to be one of contribution. Wendy’s story, including those of her inspiring guests, will touch, move and empower you to create your own next level of personal and professional success.

Wendy Stevens walked on for the University of Maryland Women’s Lacrosse program and became a Three-time All-American, MVP and NCAA Champion in 1986. Wendy represented the USA internationally in 1987-88 as a member of the U.S. Squad. Vanderbilt University hired Wendy Stevens in 1992 as their first-ever Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach to design and launch their inaugural Vanderbilt Women’s Lacrosse Program. Wendy built the foundation of Vandy’s program from her own championship experience, and created a winning team from scratch, from the ground up by recruiting a record 12 high school All-Americans including the National Prep Player of the year in her first recruiting class. Stevens then hired, the grandson of legendary NFL Coach Vince Lombardi, John Lombardi as her assistant coach. Wendy coached this inaugural team to a 10-6 winning record in their first season. This vaulted Vanderbilt into becoming one of the elite programs in the nation. Vanderbilt finished its sophomore season under Coach Wendy Stevens’ leadership ranked #18th in the country cracking the Top 20 in under two years for Division I NCAA women’s lacrosse. Wendy continues to apply that same championship drive, results-driven training, and mindset to her powerhouse coaching programs. She proved that the basic principles of success hold true whether you’re on the playing field or running your own business.

Wendy has coached and trained more than 80,000 people in 136 countries to master the art of Guerrilla Marketing for lead generation and sales (using clever strategy and tactics to create Madison Avenue results for just pennies on the dollar). Recognized as an expert in Guerrilla Marketing and an industry leader and innovator in direct sales, Wendy was one of 3 creative partners that launched the “Reverse Funnel System” in 2005. That produced a staggering $146 million in sales over 5 years. She has a brilliant perspective in the online marketing industry, and her innovative strategies produce record results with world class marketing teams. In October 2000, Wendy Stevens was one of the first 200 Google AdWords Certified Specialists catapulting her online Guerrilla Marketing career.


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